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I’m Carol Ben-Davies

I’m the Founder and CEO of College Bound Determination, LLC a higher education consulting firm. Using a strengths-based approach, College Bound Determination, partnering with parents and organizations, helps students discover and develop their talents and strengths so their well-being is enhanced in college and throughout life. I help overwhelmed and confused parents of college-bound teens navigate the college journey for long-term success in college and beyond.

In my over 20 years of experience, no matter how seemingly prepared most students were to get into the “college of their dreams”, they struggle with the adjustment to college life. Their expectations of college do not meet the reality, which can lead to some stressful experiences for the student and the people who love them. I see daily when family dreams turn into nightmares. From the small or major issues a student can experience, I wish these experiences on no one. I know that my vast experience working with top academic and student leaders on large, small, public and private campuses in the United States can provide much-needed guidance to families. I have also worked with students who struggle academically, socially, and emotionally. My behind the scenes experience of recruitment, retention and graduation efforts allows me to fill the gap between what parents and families think they know to be successful in college to what they really need to know to be successful in college.

I am a VERY proud alumna of the Unversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. To say I bleed Carolina Blue would be an understatement. While obtaining my Master of Education in Higher Education Administration at Loyola University Chicago I learned how important it is to find your calling in life, not just a job or career. As Frederick Buechner said, the place where God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger coincide.

As a mother, wife, Assistant Dean of Students at Purdue University and, as of January 2018 a solopreneur, I wear many hats. But no hat is more important than the one we all wear as citizens of this world. I know that a lot of hope and despair that young people feel is due to the stress and overwhelm over their future in life. Whether that future involves attending college or not, I want to help Generation Z realize their full potential.






There is important information missing in the dialogue about preparing for college and I want to be part of the dialogue that shifts the angst and provides solutions so students are better prepared for college.

Using a strengths-based approach, College Bound Determination helps students discover and develop their talents and strengths so their well-being is enhanced in college and throughout life.